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  February 4, 2002

Be a Mythic Hero

What do these characters have in common?

1) Buddha in the forest
2) The wandering Prodigal Son
3) Ulysses lost at sea
4) Jesus in the wilderness
5) Sir Lancelot seeking the Holy Grail
6) The alchemist Artephius attempting to turn lead into gold
7) Scrooge facing the ghost of Christmas Future
8) Dorothy in the Land of Oz
9) Luke Skywalker fighting the Empire
10) Harry Potter seeking the Sorcerer's Stone

All of these characters are struggling to seek wisdom, find something lost, or reclaim something precious - in short, to return home.

This "quest of return" is the archetypal "Hero's Journey." Whether or not these stories are true, the adventures stand as mythic tales - lessons about the essential challenges of life.

Myths are like magic keys. By using them as a template for our own lives, we can unlock the doors of our own confusion, pain, and suffering.

In the midst of all the decadent comforts of modern life, most people feel that miracles and adventure are only something from stories or ancient history. Not at all. The invitation to be a Mythic Hero is right in front of you.

The Primal Integration process is the essential Hero's Journey. This is not an exaggeration. Ancient heroes overcame magic spells, wandered through twisting mazes, solved mysterious riddles, and grappled with fearful dragons. Modern primalers overcome numbing addictions, wander through scattered memories, solve confusing symptoms, and grapple with daunting traumas. As a true Mythic Hero, you want to return home, return to wellness, reclaim the golden fleece of your natural, original self. This is not "like" the Hero's Journey, it is the Hero's Journey.

Every Primal Integration session is a "trial" on the path to The Grail. If you don't realize this, you may attempt to escape the challenge by resisting and remaining in your familiar "uncomfort zone." If you do realize the opportunity, you will know that the resistance, reluctance, and discomfort you feel is the dragon that you must overcome. To move forward, you must not just face, but actually engage the "Feeling Dragon." In doing so, the anger, grief, sadness, pain, or fear is transformed, and you will find yourself "on the other side," able to move further along on your journey.

Unlike normal life, the Mythic Hero moves away from comfort toward discomfort - and beyond. It is the same in Primal Integration. As a Mythic Hero, you will focus on uncomfortable feelings and go toward them. As a Mythic Hero, you will ride them and transform them.

As a Mythic Hero.

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