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November 10, 2003

Primal: Being All That You Are

Freud used the word "primal" to describe the traumatic events that comprised the primary causes of neurosis. Janov used the word as a name for the connected cathartic release of traumatic pain and his structured method for facilitating these experiences. "Primal" then became a word limited to the more aggressive therapeutic form that Janov first developed.

To me, the word "primal" has gone far beyond these limited meanings. Those of us who have continued this work have discovered that we are tapping into much more than a method. Not only are we tapping into the natural healing process itself, we are tapping into the very essence of being alive. When we "primal," we are simply letting ourselves live - fully and completely.

When asked what primal was to him, Fred Zielke, a therapist from Boston, said, "Primal is being all that you are." Exactly. When we get involved with this process, we are getting involved with being ourselves - feeling ourselves living - in joy or in pain.

Words, words, words. What matters? Being all that you are.

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