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November 24, 2003


Separation is a difficult thing.

I believe that all things come into being due to various forces, and remain in existence as long as the forces that give them their identity continue. A rock drops into a pond and creates a series of waves. If we look at any particular wave as a "thing" or being, it will maintain its identity as a "wave" until it wears down, or other things interfere with its shape/being. Even a wave "hangs on" to its "life" until the forces that hold it together subside.

When the entities called "living things" exhibit this cohesive force, it is called the "will to live." All living things have this, from protozoa and trees to reptiles and humans.

Social beings, such as humans, have a will to live that goes beyond the boundaries of our skin. Our sense of self is not limited to our body wall - we are capable of feeling a greater "group-self." True love is the feeling of connection between ourselves and the others we feel are part of our group-self. In a healthy family, each member is in intimate, open connection with every other member. Love is the feeling of a connected state of health - physically and emotionally.

Being disconnected breaks apart who we are. If we become disconnected physically and/or emotionally, we feel ill. If the condition gets extreme, we die. If we become disconnected from the others who make up our family and group-self, we also feel ill - and we hurt.

This is one of the reasons why separation hurts so much. When we are parted from the ones we love, it is as if some part of our body is being torn off. It hurts - it should hurt. This pain reminds us that we need to correct the problem and stay connected.

One of the hallmarks of this neurotic society is separation. We are separated from each other by walls, buildings, cars, cities, and nations. Families and loved ones are flung across the globe. But in every fibre of our beings, the power of life drives to hold itself together. This drive for unity evaporates the forces of separation. This is love. And love will keep us together.

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