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May 3, 2004


When I feel suffering in the world, I am often compelled to act. I can continue to clear my own emotional baggage and assist others to do the same, but I also like to affect the larger social and political scene.

I believe that the US Bush Administration is causing great damage to the economy, human rights, environment, and safety of the United States, North America, and the whole world. As an individual who is unable to vote in the US election, I have decided to cast my vote as a world citizen—by passing on relevant political information to others—and by writing a song.

I have recorded the song as a demo that can be heard here: www.samturton.com/patriot.html.

My intention is to donate 50% of my songwriting proceeds to any US pro-democracy group that can assist in getting it recorded by a prominent US artist/s. I believe that music is an effective way to express ideas, and an informed and inspired public will make the best choices.

I am just beginning my campaign to get this song recorded and released. I invite any suggestions, contacts, or information that could be of assistance. Contact me at

We can make a difference.


(c) Sam Turton March 2004

You say that I'm weak
'cause I won't back your war
You say I'm on the enemy's side
'cause I'm not on yours
You say you fight for freedom
And the right to choose
But then you try to silence my voice, well
You got another thing comin' to you, 'cause,

I am a patriot, I am a patriot
I am a patriot, I am a patriot

It don't make us safe
When you're on the attack
If you put your fist in someone's face
He'll knife you in the back
All the good books say it ain't right
To steal and kill
Ya won't take their oil and our money
And drag us down the road to hell, no

I am a patriot, I am a patriot
I am a patriot, I am a patriot

I wanna live in a country that's safe
In a land that's clean and free
For every colour and culture
Every person, every belief
Your greed, your fear and your lies
Ain't gonna push me around
I'm gonna use the power I have
I'm gonna vote you right outta that house, 'cause

I am a patriot, I am a patriot
I am a patriot, I am a patriot
I am a patriot, I am a patriot
I am a patriot, I... am a patriot

Sam Turton: lead vocal, guitar
Jane Lewis: harmony vocals
Heather MacRae: harmony vocals
Jesse Turton: bass
Sam Cino: drums
Jay Weiler: fiddle
Ken Brown: mandolin

Coproduced by Sam Turton and Ken Brown.
Recorded and engineered by Ken Brown at his studio in Guelph, Ontario.

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