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  The following are a selection of writings by Sam Turton.

Most of this content was written over a decade ago, and is an interesting reference to Sam's point of view at those times. Sam originally trained in Primal Integration, a non-directive, multi-modal approach to growth and healing that integrates the clarity of cognitive awareness with the wisdom of emotional expression. His "Thoughts of the Week" arose from that work.

Sam's personal development, life perspective, and professional practice has evolved significantly into a simple, natural process called "feelingawareness." This approach is best reflected on the title page and in the sections, "What is feelingawareness?" "Working With Sam," "About Sam," and new writings which will be added soon.

Homework That Heals
A nine-part article on how to enhance your process.

Primal Zen
A practical guide to the union of Zen attention and feeling expression.

Thought of the Week Archives
An extensive archive of Sam's 138 articles on feeling-friendly process, primal integration, and life.