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September 8, 2003

Making Community Happen

The community to which I am emotionally attached is the IPA. Some of the members live nearby, but most live in the Northeast US. I see some of these dear friends a few times a year at board meetings and other events. The rest of the time, we keep in regular contact by phone and email.

Feeling people who are further removed from the Northeast US have sometimes complained about their isolation. I have heard complaints that not enough effort is made to create events in other parts of the world.

Although I agree that it would be beneficial to have more world-wide activities, I think the responsibility to create these events lies with each one of us. If we want community where we are, we have to be careful of the "helpless victim" attitude - that someone else should do it for us.

There is a growing movement right here in Southern Ontario, and it is not motivated by people in the Northeast US. It is created by those of us who want things to happen right here in our own back yard. That's what the people in the Northeast US did in the 70s, and I applaud them for it.

From day one, I have been involved with the IPA to assist in the development of feeling awareness in the world, and to create a feeling community nearby. To me, the IPA is a medium through which I can create good things for myself, my circle, and my own local community. I like to take action rather than to wait for things to happen. I host gatherings and groups, and develop communications through ads, conversations, email, and my website. The circle is growing, and it feels good.

You don't have to sit in isolation. You can talk to a friend. You can gather a few friends together for a sharing group. You can join the IPA and get on the "Ewail" support group. You can ask others involved in creating community for suggestions, advice, and support. I have done this, and so can you.

Every one of us deserves a rich life connected to others who accept and love us for who we are. Sometimes you have to take the first step and reach out.

We're here.

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