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April 26, 2004

Corporation as Psychopath

I believe that civilization is a symptom of human emotional illness. For hundreds of thousands of years, humans lived in a balanced state in harmony with their environment. The rise of civilization, with its kings, tyrants, priests, armies, wars, poverty, money, and machines, has brought about suffering, extinction, and shocking biospheric decline.

In early civilization, the most vile representative of this "civilized" illness was the brutal warrior tyrant. Separated from his emotions by traumatic repression, he was able to manipulate and destroy anything in his way without being distracted by feelings of compassion or remorse. He was a monster, and his actions were indeed monstrous. Saddam Hussein, twisted by a horrendous childhood, is a recent example.

Tyrants ran rampant for thousands of years until the masses arose and instituted democratic governments. For a relatively short period of time, this tyrannical dysfunctional drive was stopped. Unfortunately, the illness transformed and manifested itself as another symptom—the corporation.

At this point in history, the corporation is the single most destructive force on the planet, influencing everything from governments and information to science and the environment. If we feel that our parents were a major traumatizing force, look out—corporations are hundreds of times more powerful and unfeeling. For our own emotional and physical health, and that of our families and our world, it is imperative to understand the part that corporations play. In my opinion, the best introduction is a recent documentary, entitled "The Corporation."

I urge you to see it and tell everyone you can. I have been in touch with the directors and they are very friendly and approachable. If you appreciate the work they are doing, consider sending them an email.

For our emotional health and that of generations to come, let's heal ourselves and our world. It's the personal, human, non-corporate thing to do.

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